Find Out Why Acrobits Joined the Voyant Family

Voyant is pleased to announce we completed our acquisition of Acrobits on Friday, August 30, 2019, and we are now operating as one. As an industry leader, Voyant provides UCaaS and CPaaS solutions over the largest and wholly-owned, tier 1 voice network in the United States.

Voyant’s applications and API-based business communications services include unified communications, SIP trunking, fax, messaging and SD-WAN. Combined with Acrobits’ award-winning SIP clients for desktop and mobile plus industry-leading software developer kits (SDK), our united team will bring even more innovation to businesses looking to communicate in a mobile-first world.

Who is Voyant and when was it founded?

Voyant was founded in 2007 and is a UCaaS and CPaaS service provider with the largest wholly-owned, tier 1 voice network in the United States. Voyant offers a broad portfolio of API-enabled business communication services including unified communications, SIP trunking, messaging, fax and SD-WAN data services on top of our carrier network that serves 10,500 on-net rate centers reaching nearly 90% of the U.S. population.

Who owns Voyant?

Voyant is privately held by GTCR, a Chicago based private-equity firm. 

Who is Acrobits?

Founded in 2008, Acrobits has worked with businesses to develop high-quality SIP clients for Android, iOS and desktop. Their powerful, brandable, unified communications client and cloud softphone SDK are available to customers around the world. Acrobits removes the headache of managing app store deployments so its customers can focus on their business. Acrobits has a long history of innovation with their Cloud Softphone, Acrobits Softphone, Groundwire, and developer-friendly SDK.

Why did Voyant acquire Acrobits?

Voyant purchased Acrobits to realize the company’s vision to enable smart intuitive business communications services anywhere on any device. The combined company will offer a more tightly integrated mobile user experience for Voyant’s UCaaS customers while extending Voyant’s CPaaS offerings by including Acrobits’ fully programmable mobile client with built-in support for prominent platforms including Cisco’s BroadSoft, NetSapiens, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH and others.

Our teams have complementary strengths that will come together to deliver modernized business communications experiences.

Is Voyant’s acquisition of Acrobits good for me?

Yes! Our Cloud Softphone, SDK and apps will be added to Voyant’s suite of solutions and our development and support will continue on these products as you’d normally expect. Together we look forward to coming up with new ways to make all of our communication and mobility solutions even better.

What is Voyant’s customer base like?

Voyant’s ever-growing customer base is comprised of SMB and enterprise business customers, plus an extensive list of partners including private label wholesalers, telecom agents, value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), IT consultants and more.

What is Voyant’s culture?

Voyant is an innovative and action-oriented team that leverages our broad experiences to focus on delivering measurable results. We believe each member’s talent make a difference at Voyant and we encourage our employees to bring their best to the team. We engage each other and our customers in a thoughtful, transparent manner that helps drive long term relationships and team success. We hold one another accountable to delight our customers.

Our values are paramount to the success of Voyant:

Empower Employees, Partners, and Customers: Provide the support necessary for employees, partners and customers to own their success.

Focus on What Is Important: Prioritize initiatives that make a difference to our customers and drive our organization forward.

Be Transparent: Engage in a clear, honest and thoughtful way with customers and each other.

Challenge Constantly: Always aim to improve and never become comfortable. Leverage experience backed by data to guide action.

What is Voyant’s financial health?

Since Voyant’s inception in 2007, it has continued to build very strong financial health. As we are a privately held company, it’s not our practice to make financial data available publicly but we are profitable and growing.

Is Voyant planning on growing organically or through additional acquisitions?

Voyant will continue to build its position as a market leader through a combination of organic and thoughtful, transformational acquisition growth.

What are Voyant’s and Acrobits’ current headcount?

Currently, Voyant has 240 employees and Acrobits has 28 employees. We will incorporate Acrobits’ talented team into Voyant.

What products, solutions, and services does Voyant offer?

Voyant is an industry-leading UCaaS and CPaaS solutions provider. We offer applications and API-based business communications services such as unified communications, SIP trunking, fax, messaging and SD-WAN. Our services run over the largest tier 1 voice network in the United States, which is owned by the company. It’s our uppermost priority to provide an exceptional customer experience with Voyant while enabling smart and intuitive business communication services anywhere on any device. To learn more about our products and services, please visit us at

Now that Voyant has acquired Acrobits, how have the product priorities changed?

On both fronts, our goals for our core product priorities have not changed and we’ll continue to move forward with our product roadmaps. However, our priorities have expanded as we look forward to seamless integration of the mobile app experience and further delivering industry-leading SDK and client software incorporating them into Voyant’s CPaaS platform.

Will the Acrobits acquisition delay product releases and upgrades for Voyant’s products like Voyant UCaaS?

No, product releases to add enhancements and feature functionality to our core products, like Voyant UCaaS, will remain on the existing schedule.

Will Acrobits software updates be delayed?

No, Acrobits software updates will remain as scheduled. No delays will occur as a result of the Voyant acquisition.

Will Voyant stop selling or supporting any existing Acrobits’ products?

No, there are no plans at this time to discontinue selling or supporting the existing Acrobits’ product suite. We will continue to develop, sell, implement and support your existing Acrobits’ solutions.  Our teams look forward to further delivering industry-leading SDK and client software and incorporating them into Voyant’s CPaaS platform.

Will I be forced to upgrade or change my software application outside of planned updates?

No, there are no plans for forced upgrades or changes to your Acrobits services. Any scheduled updates and notification will occur as planned. We will meet all contractual commitments and continue working in a manner that supports our existing long-term relationship and your continued success.

Does anything change with access to Acrobits’ support?

For the present, your Acrobits account and services will not change at this time, including your access to the Acrobits’ support team. Any potential changes will be communicated in advance.


What happens next?

For the short term, any change to you will be minimal. Once again, you’ll interact with the same account managers and support representatives and there will be no billing changes for your current service. In instances where we will transition account managers or support, we’ll communicate any changes in advance.

Voyant is committed to the development and support for the Acrobits product suite such as the Cloud Softphone, SDK and apps. In the near future, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of some powerful innovations. Drawing from the best of our technologies, we’ll accelerate the advancement of Voyant’s UCaaS and CPaaS solutions.

We pledge our continued commitment to enabling your business’s successes by delivering smart and intuitive business communication services anywhere on any device while leveraging the benefits we expect from this acquisition.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and ask any questions that you may have. Voyant and Acrobits are committed to your success and continued partnership. We look forward to working together and building upon our relationship for many years to come.